About the program

Maghan McPhee's commitment to training young musicians has lead her to found and direct the Breno Italy International Music Academy (BIIMA) in 2014.  She has developed a two week, yearly program, where a safe and nurting environment is the focus.  The program is tailor-made for each individual singer, pianist or string player, working alongside others on body awareness, repertoire, technique, and performance.   On a daily basis, each musician has lessons, coachings  and participation in the masterclasses.  The results of this work is show-cased in performances over the course of the two weeks.  This kind of one-on-one and personalized training is rare amongst summer programs.  Making music at the convent in the Italian Alps surrounded by the Italian language, inspires each artist to push themselves beyond what they think they are capable of, and grow tremendously in this short period of time. On top of their training, the students take in the sights of Verona and an opera at the ancient amphitheatre.



How does one find their true voice, their own unique sound that lives within?  An inspired artist is able to express who they are, while serving and staying true to the music they are interpreting.  One needs a safe space with proper guidance, no distractions and inspiration to be able to explore and find their voice.  At BIIMA, our goal is to work hard with each artist to help them find their potential and to ignite what is already there.  



Voice, piano, choir, and strings instruction is provided by Maghan McPhee, Dr. Carl Philippe Gionet, Christina Raphaëlle Haldane, Roland Graham, and Donnie Deacon. Coachings related to artistry and collaboration techniques are also conducted for all students by the instructors.


BIIMA is proud to be hosted by Cieli Vibranti along with the Accadamia Arte e Vita who provide our gorgeous accommodations. Only together are we able to offer you this one of a kind experience.