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Voice and Piano




Summer Choral Workshop

with Roland Graham

Bring your choral skills to a new level of musicality and test them out in front of appreciative audiences in the Italian Alps. This two week program is developed to meet the needs of amateur singers seeking to deepen their understanding of ensemble music making.

Each singer and pianist will receive the following:

  • Daily choral rehearsals with Roland Graham
  • Italian language classes
  • Private voice coaching with BIIMA staff
  • Public performance of workshop repertoire
  • Home-cooked meals and accommodations
  • Excursions to alpine lakes, wineries and more
  • The chance to attend an opera at the Verona amphitheatre


Tuition to all BIIMA programs include room and board at the Accademia Arte e Vita in Breno, Italy for the duration of the program.   Payment is non-refundable.

Tuition - 1,600 Euro

Note: Does not include travel or excusion costs.
Tuition is payable to Cieli Vibranti, with a 50 Euro paypal fee upon acceptance of the program, is due on March 15th, 2019.