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"One of the things that impressed me was both teachers ability to express genuine enthusiasm for the individual sound, passion and knowledge for a great range of music from different eras, great clarification on details, insightful opinions and comments on technique and production of sound. As a student I felt I was in good hands at all times." -Hedvig (Sweden, 2016)

“I would recommend this program to other singers, because I loved being in the Italian Alps with incredible teachers.  Having no other distractions and having many opportunities to perform, I feel like I’ve grown so much in such a short period.” -Deanna (Canada, 2014)

"I was excited to work with singers and learn more about how to play together (timing volume, expression, playing as one).  I learned new things, like playing honestly, relaxing my shoulders, and I learned more about the importance and effectiveness of knowing the text as well as the singer (or better)." -Dorian (Canada, 2016)


“The International Voice masterclass experience has been many things for me.  Being here, and challenged daily, I began to realize that I am capable as an artist.  I think it pushed me to become more in tune with who I am and what I have to offer on stage.  In this way, the class exceeded my expectations.  I never thought I would begin in to feel more comfortable with myself in performance in such a short period of time.” -Kaitlan (Canada, 2014)

"This program has allowed me to understand the power of imagery when playing and what a difference it makes.  The masterclass in Breno offers the perfect setting to learn, as I didn’t feel that anyone was judging, as we are all trying to find out best selves." -Beatrix (Canada, 2017)

“I would definitely recommend this program to other singers.  Not only are you able to spend two weeks completely focused on your craft with daily guidance with phenomenal coaches, but to do it in a breathtakingly beautiful place like Breno, Italy is even more inspiring.  To be able to get away from every-day life to reflect inwards and be able to study what you love with the help of seriously talented musicians and mentors is more than any singer could ask for.  I am truly humbled by this experience and feel as though I have gained more from it that I am even aware at this point.” -Kaitlan (Canada, 2014)


“I really enjoyed that I was learning even when I wasn’t the one singing.  Observing the other singers in the masterclass helped me understand many of the concepts that I was struggling with.  Having a combination of private lessons and masterclass on a daily basis helped me to improve my singing in such a short period of time.” -Danielle (Canada, 2014)

“I would definitely recommend this program to other singers, because no matter what the level of the singer, they will have the opportunity to work with such talented performers and teachers in a concentrated amount of time, ensuring growth.  Not only do you get the chance to sing every day, but you get to experience being in another country and you also make new friends.  I found this personally very helpful, because I was around others who love singing as much as I do, and I was inspired by them.” -Kristiina (Canada, 2015)